Datong(2006-2020)/Bibliography: Datong’s City Planning General Strategies

offical ducument: spatial planning diagram: Datong City General Planning(2006-2020) (2017 edited)

This online document is the main source of the general city planning maps that we get. It includes different layers of planning strategies which includes planning area scopes, city characteristics, spatial structures, layouts as well as infrastructure planning. However, due to the fact that this document is posted on government’s offical website, all the information is very general and political correct. It doesn’t include particular information about city wall perservation. But in other words, it offers us with thorough city planning information.



Datong city general planning(2006-2020)( 2017 edited). Datong Government. Accessed December 14,2019. http://www.dt.gov.cn/dtzww/ghbzgs/201710/0c650cc7f7bd4804a12072af5b3d078e.shtml


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