[Datong]City Wall Demolition and Restoration 3: Infrastructure and Living Fabric Demolition

Historical city is a specical type of city. Old neighborhood  around the city wall is still the important unit of datong, and it undertakes the function of habitancy, commercial as well as entertainment. But due to the city wall redevelopment, public infrastructures including 6 high schools, 5 middle schools as well as two municipal hospitals were being demolished which result in chaos of community.  The massive concentrated transformation results in vacant land to be 20% within the old city.[1]






(Figure1:Under-utilized space within the old city wall highlgihted in pink. Author:WangJun.) 

Moreover, the existing living fabric was being destroyed due to the rebuilt of traditional pedestrian streets.Take West Street(西大街) as an example. The surrounding street layout is being altered and reconstructed as if they were newly built. Local life traces are covered up, and being replaced by commercial historical street to attract tourists.[1]






(Figure2 and3 :2008 West Street before the rebuilt  vs 2014 After the rebuilt. Author:WangJun.) 



[1]WangJun, November 2016. “The exploration of the ancient city revival by ‘whole archaizing rebuilding’after a destruction: a case study of datong ancient city.”Chinese Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House.


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