Implementation methods of housing compensation(2008-2012)

Datong’s relocation plan went through three stages: demolition first then relocation, relocation while demolition, and relocation first then demolition. In the report conducted by the government offical, the specific implementation methods are being documented.

  1. Zero Cost old for New service

One square meter of the original demolished building area equals one square meter of the relocation building area. No agio would be made.

    2. Discount prices for relocation houses

Government offers discount prices to the initial forty-five square meter area to ensure inhabitants’ benefits. After the initial forty-five sq.m area, the price would goes back to the normal selling price.

3. Small for larger Service

Inhabitants can use cost price to buy new relocation houses up to sixty sq.m. The cost price is calculated by their old demolition house area.(less than sixty sq.m.)

    4.Extra free square meter

For the relocation households who used to live in the residential building which has complete basic infrastructure, they can get extra free twenty sq.m. relocation area if their old houses are more than sixty sq.m. If more than twenty sqm is claimed, relocation households can buy more by the price between cost price to market price.

5. After resettlement according to the above standards,  relocation households can buy more by market price.

Relocation houses include Beichen garden(北辰花园), Beichen Xiyuan(北辰西苑) etc. 



Luo Ronghua, 2o12. “Datong City Redevelopment Observation Report.” Jin Zhou Daily. 




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