Map:Datong ancient city plan and streets of the Ming Dynasty


















(Datong ancient city plan and streets of the Ming Dynasty) [1]

Today’s Datong’s ancient city basically keeps the road fabric from Ming Dynasty: city’s north, south, west and east main streets together compose the shape of character”十”, which divide the whole city into four areas. [2]] Then, whithin the sub-area, there are secondary streets to divide the area into smaller area. This kind of chessboard type street system is not unqiue in ancient chinese cities. Take Xi’an as an example, we can see the similarity between these two.






(1984 Chang’an city plan) 



[1] Li Shaolong, 2012. ” Research of Urban Space Update and Development of Datong in the Process of Its Ancient City Protection Based on the Theory of Collage City”.Taiyuan Ligong University.

[2]Zhangchi, 2016. “Urban Spatial Form Cognition of Ancient City Datong on the Theory of Urban Image.” Beijing Jiaotong University.

Images all retrived from the Internet.




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