Yeouido: the construction of the Yeouido Park

The Map of Yeouido Park


Making the island “green” – the strip reserved for President Park did not anticipate the entire rectangle to be full of greenery.
Planting trees for the Yeouido Island 1968

When the Yeouido Island finished construction of the main governmental buildings and residential complexes in September 1971, the strip reserved for President Park’s public park was an asphalt strip. It served as a large ceremonial rally and recreational landmark which allowed cyclists and roller-skating. It was until 1997 that construction began to make this strip into an actual green, urban park, and the Yeouido Park we know today officially opened in February 1999.

It was the Basic Urban Park Plan of 1968 that transformed parks to become categorized and divided into different types of parks such as: national, provincial, gun county parks, neighbourhood parks, and urban parks. The May 16th Square and the Yeouido Plaza became a national park, and it had to add much greener and buffer landscape areas.

Types of Parks in Seoul 2012. The Seoul Institute 2013.

From the asphalt strip to the lush Yeouido Park today, the purposes of the park is cultural, leisure and welfare, and as part of the Basic Seoul Plan. Subsequent parks in Seoul are thereafter transformed and converted to greener botanical parks.

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