Yeouido: The Opening of the National Assembly Building 1971

A video recording of the opening of the National Assembly Building on Yeouido island in 1971

The government institutions were in priority when building a new capital core in Seoul. This was the first building ever completed before any other on the island, the recording shows no streets or grounds, and only a few other larger buildings in the governmental sector were erected.

1977 Aerial View of Yeouido island and the National Assembly Building


  1. National Archives of Korea, 1971.
  2. Yeouido Apartments aerial photography 2. Photograph. Nara, 1977. Seongnam Nara Archives.

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  1. Incredible axial planning that signaled a formal urban plan, in what was an organic landform or landfill. The power of urban signification! Feel free to elaborate on your analysis!

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