Datong(Chinese Mayor)/Documentary

Datong, also called The Chinese Mayor, is a 2015 documentary by producer Zhao Qi and director Zhou Hao. According to Zhao, the primary aim of the film is to educate international audience on the internal workings of Chinese policy-making process and at the same time, stimulate new ways of thinking about China. The documentary also offer rare glimpses into contemporary China’s political system.[1]

This documentary helps us to get insights from both inhabitants as well as the mayor side as it is comparably not biased. Following the footage into a coherent narrative, we get a better understanding of Geng Yanbo’s intention and residents’ grievance. [2]



[1]Jonathan Kinkel, 2017. ” Datong, Forever in Limbo”. Made in China. https://www.chinoiresie.info/datong-forever-in-limbo/

[2]Zhou Hao, Filmed in 2015. “The Chinese Mayor”.

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  1. Film of this kind is always interesting to watch between the audience will be able to see the opposing opinions of the two or more stakeholders in every issue, particularly in the context of China where local polities and social issues can dramatise matters very quickly. Still, it is always fascinating to see how both the people and the government continuously react and respond to each other actions because the outcome usually surprises the audience.

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