[Datong]City Wall Demolition and Restoration5: After the Mayor Left


In 2003, the central government’rotated'(ganbu jiaoliu)the mayor Geng Yanbo to Taiyuan, another city in Shanxi. It was very sudden that either the mayor himself nor the inhabitants expected this announcement. [1]

The massive relocation and construction project had to be paused. After Geng Yanbo left Datong, Li Junming became the next mayor. Their political opinion and focus were totally different. New mayor was not willing to take over mayor Geng’s relocation project. Instead, he chose to speed down the construction project, or in other words, paused it. According to the original restoration speed, the mobile building which blocked the West city wall was cleared out in 2o13 and ready to be demolished. But, after the new mayor took over, the building was almost got refurbished and continue to be used.

Inhabitants complained about the half finished restoration project, and they wish someone could came out to fullfill the promises including new relocation houses, better life conditions as well as the completion of the city wall.

The new party secretary, Zhang Jiefu, became this person. Starting from 2015, he was in charge of speeding up the restoration process. At the end of 2015, the mobile building got demolished and in 2016, the city wall completed. His propose of free city wall entrance for Datong citizens as well as visitors was successful. In 2o16, Datong welcome 5383.7million tourists which brings year-on year growth of 33.2%. [2]

It is hard to say that Datong has successfully transformed to become a cultural oriented city, but people all look forward to witness a more properous Datong in the fulture.


[1] Jonathan Kinkel, 2017. ” Datong, Forever in Limbo”. Made in China. https://www.chinoiresie.info/datong-forever-in-limbo/

[2]Hong Zhen Lei,2016. “Datong’s transformation.”Oriental Morning Post. http://www.sohu.com/a/121186146_117499

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  1. It is always difficult for both parties because they are usually focusing on problems of a different scale: while the citizens might want the renewal projects to either not have started or be completed to simplify matters, the authorities would have various worries such as economic concerns and future potentials of these proposals. And as time goes on, people’s minds keep changing, so it is difficult to justify a decision when it comes to long-term urban plans, but people would eventually accept as long as the authorities have brought prosperity to the city.

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