Publications from the Seoul Metropolitan Government: Transportation, Railway and e-Government and policy-making

The four publications here are from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Seoul Public Transportation
An in-depth statistical analysis of Seoul’s transportation system and explains the different networks along with graphics and maps. The document also compares the beneficial operations and establishment of various policies in fare systems, the new digital TOPIS management system, city partnerships that have significantly transformed the identity of Seoul and how it became one of the world’s leaders in a successful metropolis over the last twenty years. The Seoul Metropolitan Government describes how their advancement in well-living and commuting can be shared with overseas cities and why its vision of being a car-less city should be the ideal city to live in.

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit
An overview of Seoul’s railway network, their role in citizen’s lives and how the new TOPIS system is integrated and collaborates together to become the city’s most reliable mode of transport.

Seoul e-Government
A brief of the city’s mobile and digital integration and public transparency with the city government, including accessible information and direct communication, and how the administrative works with the technology.

Citizens Dream, Seoul Creates
A publication from the mayor Park Won Soon, the document describes the policies and initiatives that Seoul have achieved and the visions that the city sees in order to become the world’s greatest metropolitan.



Seoul Metropolitan Government. Accessed December 2, 2019.

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