The National Archives Records: Autonomy and Taboo

“How burdensome is it?” Propaganda made by Social Purification Committee in 1980.

This archival site provides information, documents, photographs, music, and historical propaganda produced during the 1950s onwards, called “autonomy and taboo“, the South Korean government is not shy at providing and displaying what was once thought as confidential and taboo to talk about. The site is intended for academic research, educational purposes and cultural preservation, most contents are written by Professor Kwon, Myung-Ah, Department of Korean Language and Literature, Dong-A University.

With the political and social context understood from the media in this collection, it provides the perspective of a local citizen during the cold war, the social tensions that continued after the Korean War, the differences between North and South, why Seoul was such an important and national symbol against the North.

The site is in full Korean and found from the National Archives of Korea.


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