The Seoul Institute and the Seoul Metropolitan Archives: self-study and self-love

The Seoul Institute

The Seoul Institute (formally the Seoul Development Institute in 1992) is established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to conduct research, studies, reports, and proposals to improve urban patterns and trends in the city. The institute has various departments, including urban society, civil economy, urban management, transportation, safety and environment, and, urban planning and design.

The research and studies done are accessible online in English, although many more documents and statistical data are available in the Korean version of the institute’s website.

The extent of the research is outstanding, from the standard research of geography, climate, land uses, to amusing information such as frequent patterns of shopping-related trips in Seoul:

Shopping-related trips in Seoul, the Seoul Institute. 2013.
Types of Parks in Seoul, including “graveyard parks”. Seoul Institute. 2013.








In 2013, at the time when the institute renamed itself, the Seoul Research Paper Contest was launched. Held annually, the contest calls for the public to conduct the most interesting aspects of the city as a contribution to the metropolitan government to recognize the wellness of the city. Topics are open, the winner papers wrote about housing, public participation in a city project, fire services, happiness levels of workers…etc.

The Seoul Metropolitan Archives

The Seoul Metropolitan Archives is a recent addition for the city, the building was completed in May 2019 and its Korean-only website holds a digital archive that started not long ago. Photographs, documents, video recordings, drawings, can be found with a simple search. However, some files are only accessible by Korean citizens and require a log-in. The Seoul Archives aims to protect the information both physically and digitally.

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