“Liang Chen Scheme” and its influence on Datong Redevelopment

During the interview with Phoenix Satellite Television in 2010, mayor Geng Yanbo explictly mentioned “Liang Chen Scheme for Beijing(梁陈方案) which he took inspiration of. [1]

Liang Chen Scheme is proposed by Chen Zhanxiang and Liang Sicheng in 1950, and is comprehensive and systematic development plan for Beijing. The plan puts forward the principle of “ancient and modern, old and new.” The core content of the scheme includes protecting the old city center of Beijing, setting the central administrative area in the western suburbs and situating the commercial area in the south to form a multi-centered yet balanced city mode. [2] Datong’s”one axis, two rivers and three towns” takes inspirtation from it. It is written in the 2006-2020 general city planning that in 2020, Datong would develope with old city area being historical heritage, Yudong area being commerical and executive center and Kouquan area being light industrial center. Datong is the first city in China which adopts Liang Chen Scheme and develope into reality, and it is successfully in terms of Datong city image transformation.



[1]She Hui Neng Jian Du, 2010. “Geng Yanbo’Wei Cheng'”Interview with Zeng Zimo. Video access: https://v.qq.com/x/page/o0172kfl59g.html

[2]Liang Sicheng,Chen Zhanxiang.2005. “Liang Chen Scheme and Beijing”. Liaoning Education Press. 

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