Research on the Strategic Planning for the Protection and Development of the Cultural City of Datong

This book serves as the secondary source which helps us gain better understanding of historical heritage remains within the ancient city wall. Also, it provides insights about the exisiting city planning.

In the book, the characteristics of historical buildings include the remains of Ming Dynasty city wall, Hua Yan Temple from Liao Dynasty and Shan Hua Temple from Tang Dynasty are all documented in details.

(Image1: Ming Dynasty remains back in 2008. Retrived from the book) 

(Image2: Nine Dragon Mural located in the East road. Retrived from the book) 

(Image3: Hua Yan Temple with nine bays and five Jin. Retrived from the book) 

(Image4: Shan Hua Temple with gable gate in the front, and the Tian Wang Palace, San Sheng Palace and Da Xiong Palace at theback. Retrived from the book) 


Cao Changzhi, 2008. “大同历史文化名城-保护与发展战略规划研究” China Architecture & Building Press

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