Map of the National Employment Exposition in Okazaki Park and Heian Shrine

The National Employment Exposition, aiming to introduce and promote light and heavy industries into the prefecture, had taken place in Okazaki Park in front of Heian Shrine in the city of Kyoto. The park was divided into different zones according to the categories, and pavilions or halls were built to house the exhibitions. The park’s map no only revealed the adaptation of park design with western influences including zoning and fountain, but also the fusion of eastern and western cultures in terms of architecture — the park acted as an outer gateway and buffering while the shrine secured a superior position behind without being disturbed by the park. Clearly, the impact of the west did not stop when the canal went into operation but continued in the following decades. It is noted that without the canal as a pioneer project, the exposition might not be as successful and influential in pushing industrialisation forward during those difficult years of Kyoto. 


第四回内国勧業博覧会事務局. 会場平面図. 第四回内国勧業博覧会事務報告. National Diet Library, Japan. Accession date: December 12, 2019.

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  1. Could you finish your narratives writing?

    Actually, you choose an intriguing and good perspective to look at the significance of the canal project to the zones in Kyoto at a neighboring scale and how such a great infrastructure influence the industrialization in Kyoto under the background of western technology input. If you could further develop the topic you choose, it will be meaningful.

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