The Lake Biwa Canal Project Summary.

The official publication is a highly concentrated summary of the background and history of the Lake Biwa Canal Project. The document separated the timeline into fragments according to the stage of constructions, and assigned separate chapters to feature a few important elements of the project such as the design of the gates, introduction to modern watercourse facilities and key figures related to the achievement.

The document also included useful diagrams that clearly explained facts associated with the scale and distribution, for example, the annotated maps pinpointing notable locations and a flow chart marking the important buildings along the canal.


Kyoto City Supply and Sewage Bureau. The Lake Biwa Canal Project Summary. Kyoto: Kyoto City Supply and Sewage Bureau, 1987.

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  1. If there were relevant images or diagrams in this report, it would be most fascinating to include them in this entry. Ensure that you cite and date them fully. If they are in any way tied to the images that were selected in other entries, then you are free to combine them for a more connected set of arguments you are structuring towards the study of this canal infrastructure.

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