Challenges of the Construction Process of the MRT Jakarta

One of the biggest challenges that needed to be addressed during the construction process is the safety matter. There have been a few minor accidents that happened in 2017. One of the accidents happened in Jalan Wijaya, where a concrete slab fell from a crane and hit the motorcycle and a car. The motorcyclist got injured and suffered minor injuries, he was rushed to the hospital shortly after. The accident still happened even after the closing of the road section around the construction area. PT MRT Jakarta said that they would accept the full responsibility for the accident that happened, including fixing the damaged properties and paid for the hospital bill until the full recovery of the victim.

These are why the PT MRT realized the importance of the security during the construction of the stations and also the maintenance of the stations after the MRT is established. One of the ways to ensure the safety of the employee is by improving the efficiency of each station. They also try to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3) more strictly. The PT MRT also emphasizes on the improvement of the awareness of safety to each of the employee. If all the employees and workers are aware of the safety procedure, the accidents will be able to be minimized. All the effort that is made to enhance the safety level result in the achievement of the gold medal for the OHS audit, where the company excelled the 153 of 166 of the indicators.

After the MRT is established, the security and safety aspects still need to be maintained. One of the challenges that is concerning the existing station is the vandalism. It is a very common problem that can be found in most of the public places in Indonesia. It can be used as an evaluation for the management and to guarantee the security aspects of the MRT.

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  1. Without a doubt, mass railway transit systems was a pivotal intervention for urban planning and it has to be acknowledged that implenting such large infrastructure would mean restructuring the existing city from ground up. It is admirable that the MRT of Jakarta accepts full responsibility for the incidents that occurred during the construction process which begs the question of who are accountable for the construction? In normal conventions, usually it is the governing officials who take responsibility of large scale public projects, how much power does the MRT hold in relation to other urban development in Jakarta compared to the architect, government and public?

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