Changing mode of marketing: from traditional to international global market

The current jingdezhen ceramics creative industry market is still in the traditional model of development. It is facing the problem of lack of guiding role of the market, products of low degree of marketization. Famous masterpieces become templates of most of the creative works. Nowadays, consumers buy ceramic products for improving life style and standard and feeling the cultural connotation instead of collecting and preserving. This phenomenon indicates a new direction of development mode of ceramic culture and creative industry. Therefore, ceramic culture creative industry market demand information based on the needs of consumers should be analyzed and observed to meet the need of market and implement effective industrial policy and marketing strategy.
Besides, facing competitive global market’s challenge, Jingdezhen is assimilating into the international community and extending the value of ceramic culture creative industry to global market. Market demand information of the international cultural and creative industry is the key to transform traditional marketing mode to international marketing mode. To determine ceramic culture creative industry development pattern, not only the current situation, its future should be considered to fully understand the potential demand of the market and change measures according to local conditions. How to import raw material and export products to other countries? How to attract more investment? How to promote ceramic culture through media? All those questions are important factor that push Jingdezhen to develop into a progressive industry in global city.

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