Jindezhen: Importance of People-oriented development mode in Creative Ceramic Industry

The concept of “people-oriented” is the new mode of Jingdezhen as the role of human capital as an industrial element is important to the creative industry of ceramic culture. Cultural creative human capital is the key to the rise of creative class. The creativity of creative talent is indispensable to rapid rise of creative industry. Therefore, the cultivation and input of highly dependent creative talents are the first problem to be solved in Jingdezhen. Government plays an important role in cultivation of human capital.
Based on the existing talent training situation, the government should bear the responsibility to carry out the policy of creative industry talents training, creating a start-up industry environment, minimizing the talent growth cycle and accelerating the productive efficiency of human capital. Besides, shaping a sound policy environment and legal environment, providing financial support to improve the industrial development of infrastructure and strengthening the industrial structure upgrade and optimization are important to create a comprehensive industrial structure and institutional environment. An open, accommodative social environment and the social capital born here can better foster creative talent and optimize industrial structure. However, it is obvious that the development of jingdezhen ceramic culture creative industry would increase spending on cultural capital, therefore, using a variety of media publicity can strengthen the social public recognition and praise highly of ceramic culture, guides them to the attention to ceramic culture creative achievement, promotion of ceramic culture creative product, stimulating consumer spending.

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