Jingdezhen: Renovation of Riverside Flood Control Dyke of Yuyaojing Lane

Yuyao Jingxiang is located along the Changjiang River in the northern part of the historic district. Before 2011, it was a complete old block. Later, due to the flood control project requirements, all the traditional buildings on the street were removed. Recently, the city renovation will carry out street and lane renovation and style improvement in the overall space from the perspectives of historical and cultural heritage, revival of traditional life, and riverside landscape improvement in accordance with the guiding ideology of “no reconstruction, change to park green space”. The area is used to improve the living environment of citizens. By designing three-level terraces to weaken the volume of the flood control dyke, the functional platform at the top of the dyke continues the connection between the city and the Changjiang River and restores the historical landscape.

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