New direction for Jingdezhen: Conservative? Progressive?

The future direction for Jingdezhen is based on cultural output which put emphasis on education. For example, simulated archaeological excavation and porcelain-repair classes, along with porcelain-making activities, experimental farming and sales of organic produce can be provided. It aims at integrating porcelain production, study, research and tourisms. This direction seems like conservative, but it is the most efficient and suitable measure to develop Jingdezhen compared with commercial-based development. The value of Jingdezhen is reflected in uninterrupted porcelain-making tradition and culture in the past millennium. Rapid urbanization and over-commercialization would interrupt the original traditions. To become a world art center, Jingdezhen should be focused on cultural output and exchange. Commercial development is a subordination to attract people to understand the new appearance of Jingdezhen. If it become a crowded scenic spot, it will lose the original meaning of creating a paradise for craftsmen, designers and artists.

1.China daily (2019). New direction fires up China’s porcelain capital.

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  1. I think the situation you described is actually applicable to a lot of historical sites. It is almost like putting a wide animal into the zoo just for people to appreciate it, while the nature of the animal is ruined. However, in this era, urbanization and commercialization are inevitable, and it is never possible to keep Jingdezhen as it was hundreds of years ago. While merging with the new era, maybe it is important that the developers should keep the conservation in mind rather than just sell the culture. Maybe commercial activities could be more interactive and culturally related to reach a balance.

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