Problems in Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Creative industry development and remedial measures

The development of ceramic culture creative industry in Jingdezhen is facing several problems. Small-scale and large number of enterprises forms a scattered development pattern. The demand for creative products of ceramic culture is lacking. The imbalance of talent structure has risk of lose of porcelain technique. Also, lack of protection of intellectual property rights of creative products of ceramic culture makes artists not willing to stay there and weakens creativity. Institutional obstacles of government are the biggest difficulties.
To have a better environment for industry development, remedial measures should be done. Firstly, upgrading ceramic industry structure in Jingdezhen is beneficial. The other measure is to accelerate the construction of ceramic industry base. Enhancing the image of the city of Jingdezhen is also important. For promoting the development of jingdezhen ceramic creative cultural industry, it must be based on the law of jingdezhen ceramics own unique creative cultural industry development, promoting the development of the creative cultural industry rapid policy. Those measures can create a loose environment for its development, attract all social resources to the ceramic creative cultural industry agglomeration.

1. Gong (2017). Development Problems and Countermeasures of Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Creative Industry.

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