Railway Transport Connection and The urgency of Index methodology

The vitality of each railway transport connection between these satellite cities is inevitable.
The emerging of smart city and TOD (Transit Oriented Development) at Jakarta Metropolitan Region (JMR) development in Jakarta makes the connection infrastructure on top of Jakarta’s Urban Fabric to become the solution to the urban and regional transportation problem. It’s existence also has a mean of connecting civic and suburban areas. The rapid development of Jakarta’s suburban areas (Depok, Bekasi, Serpong, and Tangerang) is accompanied by the rapid growth of their public transport routes that link the existence of new cities to the city outskirts and along the existing corridors.
Residential areas are needed in the areas that have TOD characteristics, for example, pedestrian-friendly (walkable), mixed-use between pedestrian, business and commercial, and strategic location (near the railway station network).
The actual railway reassessment in JMR is crucial to determine the TOD characteristics through an index. This index methodology, in which categorize stations that have ideal TOD characteristics, is essential for further treatment to facilitate infrastructure development.



  1. Taki, Maatouk, Qurnfulah. (2017). Re-Assessing TOD index in Jakarta Metropolitan Region (JMR). Journal of Applied Geospatial Information, 1(1), 33.

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  1. Some of the close-readings of the rail and subway infrastructure are quite focused. To realize that the government has such a strong political and economic belief in TODs is amazing. It would be even more profound to dig deeper as to why this belief in modernizing this way is so important to the local government. Does your research reveal that there were different sides to the argument? Were TODs generally considered too expensive and long-drawn projects that do not deal quickly enough with the urban inequality in the city? What were the political or social costs in pushing such projects through in a period like this?

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