Traffic Management during Construction of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit East-West Line Project

Several streets are affected during the construction of the West-Line Mass Rapid Transit, such as Jl. Cideng and Jl. Bekasi Raya. The underground structure is planned at Kali Cideng, where there is a canal that flows at the center of the street. The tunnel will be constructed by the shield method which will run under the Jl. Cideng Timur or Jl. Cideng Barad. The station will be positioned at the center, so the canal will be temporarily or permanently diverted. There will be traffic diversion to make sure the traffic can still run effectively and it would not bother the existing traffic volume. Apart from the traffic diversion, there will also be a temporary deck for the piling works and also diaphragm wall will be inserted before the excavation happens.

There is no canal at Jl. Bekasi Raya, but it is the narrowest street along the MRT East-West Line. This road is the suburban area, it suffers from chronic traffic congestion as there are many industrial areas stand closely on both sides of the street. The width of the existing road of Jl. Bekasi Raya is around 20m. It is vital to reduce the number of traffic lanes to get the 10 m work area, that will be used as the work zone. According to the plan of DKI Jakarta, Jl. Bekasi Raya will be extended to more than 50 m in the future. It is currently undergoing the widening work, and some part of it has already completed. To reduce the number of existing traffic lanes but still making sure the traffic can work effectively, the widening work should be carried out before the start of the construction of the MRT East-West Line.

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