Analysis of Datong’s Fragmented Historical Development(1960-2010)


Around 1960s, the conflict Datong faced was not unique: city protection or city development, it is not a multiple choice. while developing high speed industrialization and modenization, city needs to give priority to automobile dominated transportation. Massive multi-purpose buildings were built to fullfill inhabitants’ modern city living needs. In Datong, most of the roads got extend and widen. At the same time, important landmark buildings along the roads got demolished. Drum tower, Si Pai building as well Kui Xing Ge all being destroyed because of the conflict with the modern transportation needs. New multi-functional buildings were built along vein of new urban fabric, leaving lots of isolated and small historical island.


(Shanhua temple existing condition)

For important heritage buildings under state protection, it is either being surrounded by antique commercial streets like Huayan temple, or it is juxtaposed with modern buildings like Shanhua temple. This merging of historic ruins with modernization create a fusion type of development.

This book not only includes the general background informations of Datong, but also include this chapter which analyzes the process of the fragmented historical development and the result of it.



Ma Junhua, Gao Lei, Zhou Xiaoli, 2013,”Reconstruction of the Historical Impression of Datong, Taiyuan.”Southeast University Press



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