Early Survey of Istanbul City Wall in 1920s and 1930s.

Figure.1. Map showing the southern end of the land wall and the industrial development around Kazllherme in 1939.( Ahunbay, Metin, and Zeynep, 2000)
Archive, Istanbul

At the beginning of the twentieth century, an industrial district outside the city wall started to grow toward the east. Factories were built very close to the wall, and some parts of the outer wall were damaged or totally lost during this period. But due to the wars and political changes, the restoration work was procrastinated.

Until the founding of Turkey Republic, when the social environment was stable, the first urban development plan for Istanbul was done by Prost, the land wall and its subspaces were designated as a conservation area, a comprehensive survey of the land walls was carried out in the 1920s and 1930s.  the survey was finally published in 1943 by B. Meyer-Plath and A. M. Schneider, but as some parts of the city wall was occupied by the factories, some information about the city wall was still missing after the survey ( Ahunbay, Metin, and Zeynep, 2000).

Ahunbay, Metin, and Zeynep Ahunbay. “Recent Work on the Land Walls of Istanbul: Tower 2 to Tower 5.” Dumbarton Oaks Papers54. 2000.

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