A “futuristic waterfront city” drowns in red ink

A futuristic waterfront city drowns in red ink

A critical journal written by Aita, Kaoruko who is a professor teaching in the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology at the University of Tokyo.
Aita, Kaoruko. 1995. “A “Futuristic Waterfront City” Drowns in Red Ink.” Japan Times, Sep, 10. https://search-proquest-com.eproxy.lib.hku.hk/docview/218957237?accountid=14548.

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  1. What an interesting title for this article you have cited! But this entry is not fully developed. It is not sufficient to paste in the downloaded article. Instead, you need to summarize and elaborate on the key ideas of the article. In fact, the best entries would go even further to compare two to three positions on the topic, using multiple sources to paint a more complete picture of the period of expansion. For example, if you read a government source, it is not likely that it would be excessively critical of its own work. Conversely, if you are citing a research piece, you will find that it, too, may offer a critique against the status quo. Your research should allow you to sort out the various critical positions inherent in that period.

    PS. Your entries are in fact all rather incomplete. However, the materials are very interesting. Make every effort to follow through with your findings, and articulate the complex making of this expanded part of Tokyo. Please attempt to translate the annotations of the images you are citing, in order to shed light on the contents. If you are not a native Japanese reader, please use readily available software to help you. Remember you are required to cite the original sources for all images. Quite some distance to cover, but these sources are full of potential.

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