Industrialized Building in the Soviet Union

Following the destruction caused by the Earthquake, Tashkent City had undergone a complete make-over incentivised by the government agenda to industrialize the Tashkent City.

Before the Earthquake, most of the houses in Tashkent were old and of one story masonry and frame and adobe and straw construction. The majority of these houses did not meet with the seismic code at the time and fell during the earthquake.

With this as an opportunity, different republics within the USSR regime was responsible for rebuilding a specific area in the Tashkent city.  Reinforced concrete and panels were therefore pre-casted in the respective republic and were then transported to the area that republic was in charge of. The result of such organisation was a speedy reconstruction in Tashkent with panel type prefabrication alone accounts for 60% of the new housing and 70% of the schools.

While the construction was carried under sets of regulations, builders began to innovate, thus facilitating an adaptation to the local climate. Some of these apartments incorporated patios to lower the indoor temperate, their Ceiling heights raised and the windows are door sized to facilitate cross ventilation.



Roscoe Wright, James(1971). Industrialized building in the soviet Union: (a Report of the U.S Delegation to the U.S.S.R). National Bureau of Standards Special Publication Office. P15-16.

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  1. There are some wonderful narratives and references in your posts. Feel free to add more historical images and documents to enrich your analysis. The topic of industrial building or industrialization after the earthquake would be very interesting to enhance, as you go deeper. There are also other compelling political motives in your analysis, which are also worth expanding upon.

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