Inside Chengdu: can China’s megacity version of the garden city work?

The news article gives an overall picture of the current implementation of Garden City concept in Chengdu.

Development in Chengdu was influenced and facilitated by the central government’s policy to encourage development in interior cities in the western region of China, reported in the article.

Chengdu’s identity as a migrant city is mentioned in the article, referencing the contrast in Chengdu’s demographic statistics in 1998 and 2019. Continuing growth in population in the future is expected and thus explained part of the reasons of the Garden City planning.

In the article, details are also given about the concept of Garden City and its actual implementation. Instead of simply expanding existing parks,  the idea focused more on building a city within a park. Although the government plays a big role in the planning, citizens are also believed to be equally important in the greening of the city. Ad-hoc greenings are seen in the city where there is empty land, showing the less mentioned side of the story.

Still, there are doubts regarding Chengdu’s urban renewal projects. The intentions behind the planning were also questioned by Chengdu locals.


Kuo, Lily. “Inside Chengdu: Can China’s Megacity Version of the Garden City Work?” The Guardian, 4 Feb. 2019,

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