Global Impact: Jingdezhen Before and After External Capitals Intervention

Fig 1. Jingdezhen Art Pottery Factory in 1980s

Fig 2. SanBao Ceramic Art Institutes in early 2000s

Fig 3. SanBao Art Museum

Fig 4. Tao Xi Chuan Guo Mao Hotel

During the revival of Jingdezhen, the role of external capital could never be neglected. Taking SanBao Ceramic Art Institutes as an example, it started from a remote and poor rural village with little influence in early 2000s. The intervention of external capital changed the conditions of SanBao Village and brought international pottery art market to the village. LeTian Pottery Workshop was another example of external capital. As one of the first pottery art promoter, the Hong Kong workshop brought the capital and influence from Hong Kong and worldwide to strike Jingdezhen pottery market. After the official transformation and increasing popularity of Jingdezhen, external capital came in to affect Jingdezhen in every aspect including tourism, technology and so on.



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