The content of Prost Plan

Figure 1. Istanbul European Side Master Plan at 1/5000 scale, Old Istanbul,
by Henri Prost, 1937

Figure 2. Istanbul European Side Master Plan at 1/5000 scale, Galata-Pera
(Beyoğlu), by Henri Prost, 1937

Figure 3. Boulevard, green belt and park in Prost Plan ,1937

Figure 4. Istanbul Decennial plan by Henri Prost, 1943–1953

From 1936 to 1951, Henri Prost oversaw the planning of Istanbul as a consultant to the Municipality’s Directory of Urban Development.  Prost plan has a wide range: the Master Plan for the European side of the city (1937), Master Plan of the Asian side (1939), the planning of the two coasts of the Bosphorus (1936-1948) and numerous detailed urban projects for plazas, squares, construction of new avenues, parks, and promenades. The Master Plan was formed of two separate plans of 1/5000 scale, namely the Old Istanbul Plan (the south of the Golden Horn) and the Plan of Galata-Pera (the north of the Golden Horn).

Cânâ Bilsel. “Les Transformations d’Istanbul”: Henri Prost’s planning of Istanbul (1936-1951). Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey.  July 2010.


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