Xi’an (1995-2005) [Bibliography] Heritage Tourism in Xi’an: Constructing the Past in Contested Space

Within the context of heritage tourism development, this chapter from a book focuses on the production and use of space in the Lianhu district of Xi’an, China. It briefly discusses the contemporary evolution of cultural tourism in China before exploring the different ways in which space is produced by the local governing authorities in Lianhu as well as by local residents of the district, whose spatial, social and cultural practices are intimately intertwined.

It is suggested that recent tourism development initiatives in Lianhu are in conflict with the modes of social organi- zation and forms of cultural practice which form an integral part of the intangible heritage of the local Hui population. Central to these concerns is the commodification of ‘cultural space’ within the district and the implications which this is likely to have for the construction, transmission and mediation of cultural heritage.

This chapter brings forth a very philosophical and theoretical discussion regarding the government’s treatment of spaces through synthesising the relationship between heritage spaces and their users (both residents and tourists).

Frighery, W. (2008). Heritage Tourism in Xi’an: Constructing the Past in Contested Space. In: J. Cochrane, ed., Asian Tourism: Growth and Change. Boston: Elsevier Ltd., pp.323–334.

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