Xi’an [Bibliography] : Lack of infrastructure and regulation for residents – air pollution

The air pollution is one of the problem caused by rapid increase of population and the use of vehicles. The government of Xi’an set few regulation of the use of vehicles to promote use of public transportation. Also, the government promoted people to use electric vehicles.

Ten students form Xi’an put masks on 800 stone lions in their school to issue the problem of air pollution.



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  1. Your posts have raised a number of dramatic problems facing this ancient city. Well done. But if you were to track one of these topics closely in a historical analysis, you will perhaps be able to verify the extent of each these problems. This pollution study is a good example. Instead of a demonstration of discontent (by the spectacle by the students), you could analyze pollution as a historical issue, in order to shed light on the severity of the problem and the possible solutions today. In other words, you have raised an interesting topic, but you have elected to illustrate with an anecdote, rather than a historical analysis.

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