Expo 2010: Urban Best Practices Area and New Urban Concept (4)

A World Exposition is meant to provide a stage for each country to showcase its achievements.  Apart from the theme pavilions, the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) is also in the spotlight of Expo 2010.  Centering on the theme “Better City, Better Life”, the UBPA provides an opportunity for cities to participate and showcase their original urban concepts.  It encourages discussion and exchange of experiences to create a better city.


From the 113 entries collected all over the world, 55 were selected and built in the UBPA site at zone E.  The area was divided into four exhibition fields and the entries were arranged accordingly.  The four themes include livable cities, sustainable urbanization, protection and utilization of historical heritages and technological innovation in the built environment.  Different cities present their on-going practices and experiment with the concepts by constructing them physically on the site.  It is a decent occasion for the cities to come together and share their knowledge.  Through discussion and collaboration, it can encourage further exploration of concepts that have potential, such as low-carbon and sustainable development.  They can also identify the current urban problems and search for a possible solution.  The collective contribution allows the exploration of new patterns for human habitation, leading to a more sustainable and harmonious society.


After the Expo, part of the buildings was demolished while others were preserved or transformed into a different program, catering to the need of the society.  Office, shops, restaurants, movie theater, plaza, park, hotel are some of the examples.  These amenities can improve the resident’s living quality.  The adaptive use of the Expo building is a demonstration of sustainable development concept.  It continues to serve the city and highlights the theme of the Expo



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