Istanbul/Reconstruction of the northern shore of Golden Horn in Prost’s Plan

Study for the transformation of the sector to the northwest of Tarlabaşı Avenue, sketch by H. Prost, 1939.
(Académie d’architecture/Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine/Archives d’architecture du XXe siècle)

Transformation of Galata and Pera, detail from the Galata Plan of 1/2000 scale – H. Prost,30.10.1940.
(İstanbul Atatürk Library).

According to Prost, “theoretically, the northern shore of Golden Horn needs to be demolished all the way to Taksim and this area must be reconstructed in line with a new plan.” “Practically”, on the other hand, action had to be taken in this area according to a certain system of phasing and, following a series of operations, all the streets of Beyoğlu and Galata would have to be expanded in compliance with the demands of transportation and environmental hygiene. In the initial phase, the urbanist further proposed the expropriation and demolition of the upper storeys of the buildings in this quarter.60 According to Prost, new settlement areas had to be created for the residents of these old quarters that were to be transformed and, after providing new and hygienic dwellings for these groups, the old quarters needed to be rebuilt with an entirely new plan.


Bilsel, Cânâ. “Remodelling the Imperial Capital in the Early Republican Era: the Representation of History in Henri Prost’s Planning of Istanbul1.” Politica 306.21 (2007): 96-115.

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