Narrative # 5 [Comparison – Chongqing] Partnership in a Globalized World

Singapore and China have been in diplomatic relations for almost 30 years, where a big part has been about the urban developments made in China over the last decade. As Tianjin eco-city, one of the biggest Sino-Singapore projects to date, grew and reached its potential, China had also an interest in opening the west of the country to the world, with what is known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Singapore took an active role in the beginning of this project, as it not only strengthens the connection between the two countries, it also allows for a network to the rest of the continent, and consequently, the world. The Chongqing Connectivity Initiative is the main joint venture in the West of China, which is bringing both to the municipality significance and to the main BRI project.

In conclusion, the Sino-Singapore development ventures, while at times flawed, end up giving enough profit for the two countries to continue benefiting from their partnership. Tianjin eco-city brought much to the North East area of China, and consequently Beijing. And in turn, Chongqing’s project builds upon previous endeavours, with a new focus on inter-connectivity between the governmental actors behind it.

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