Discussion on Shenzhen SEZ integration 2nd frontier checkpoints traffic design project


The good traffic environment is the important supporter to actuate the urban economic development, especially for the first-tier cities of China now. With the rapid development of economy, there is the serious traffic congestion problem. If the traffic congestion is not timely controlled, the development of the economy will be affected. How to solve the traffic congestion of the city, this paper puts forward some thoughts and ideas for the urban traffic control projects according to the engineering background of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Integration Second Pass Traffic Improvement Project.


Keywords: second pass, special economic zone integration, traffic improvement 




刘明刚. 深圳特区一体化二线关口交通改善工程设计探讨[J]. 城市道桥与防洪,2019(08):26-29+8. 


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