Yangon Rural Resettlement Programme in 1988

Section of Hlaing Tha Ya resettlement area: Yangon
Section of Shwe Phy Tha resettlement area: Yangon

The two largest resettlement areas, Hlaing Tha Ya and Dagon (which between them account for a target population of at least 300,000 over a combined land area of around 40 sq km) will have a major impact on surface-water drainage systems. Hlaing Tha Ya is designed to drain into the Hlaing and Ram Hlaing Rivers, while flows from Dagon will discharge into the Ngamoyeik Creek. Both watercourses are tidal. Earlier development in these areas has been constrained partly by lack of sufficient river crossings and by the seasonal flooding which is reported to be up to one metre or more in-depth. Although internal drainage schemes have been designed by HD and are in the process of being installed, flood protection and control during the periods of high river levels and high precipitation have not been addressed. In Hlaing Tha Ya, the earlier development of 3500 plots with United Nations support has been assessed by UNCDF missions and the critical need for a broader view of the drainage system brought to government’s attention.



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