Colonization of Taipei (1895-1905) – Scheme 3. City as a signifier: three-lane road development [Historical document 3]

台北城壁跡道路計劃圖,《台北市區計劃道路線變更ノ件通達》, 總督府公文類纂永久第五門第32卷之2,1915.

The map shows the overall plan of the three-lane road running along the city wall of the inner city, with detailed sections of the three-lane road. There was a later alteration in 1915 on some of the roads planned in 1905, except the red lines indicated on the map, this map remained the same as the 1905 plan. 

The three-lane road(三線道路) was planned as boulevards in 1905 Taipei urban Planning, the central road is for fast traffic lane, purpose roads are on two sides with 3m green belts as separation in between. Pedestrian roads are also included.

浜野彌四郎, 城內市區計畫設計バルトン顧問及浜野彌四郎技師報告,明治二十九年臺灣總督府公文類纂乙種永久保存第三十一卷交通土木工事, 1896.

Form the above plan, it was the first time to introduce European roundabouts and radioactive roads to Taipei city. In an early report of Japanese technician, this idea was carried out along with the survey of Taipei city in 1896 but only implemented in the inner city in 1905 plan. 

浜野彌四郎, 城內市區計畫設計バルトン顧問及浜野彌四郎技師報告,明治二十九年臺灣總督府公文類纂乙種永久保存第三十一卷交通土木工事, 1896.


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