Beijing (1949-1954) / III. The Key Points in the Draft Plan for Renovation and Expansion of Beijing

Key Points in the Draft Plan for Renovation and Expansion of Beijing, in Records of Beijing’s Urban Construction since the Founding of New China(Vol. I, City Planning), compiled by the Editorial Board of the Editorial Committee for the Book Series on the History of Beijing’s Construction. 2nd edition, November 1995.

A team from the Urban Planning Committee compiled the master plan for Beijing based on different proposals from 1949 to 1953. After many revisions, it was titled Beijing Urban Master Plan in Sketch(revised in 1954) and composed into the report Key Points in the Draft Plan for Renovation and Expansion of Beijing. The Central Party Secretariat had a hearing for the report and approved it principally, which made it the first master plan of Beijing.


In particular, the report clarified that the central administration district should be located in th core area of the old city:

Beijing is capital of our great motherland. Because of this, it is a must for us to designate the core area of the city as home to the leading organs of the Party Central Committee, to serve not only as center of the entire city of Beijing but also as the national center loved by the entire Chinese people.


It also emphasized the importance of industrialization for Beijing to be a production city:

Our capital city should serve as the national political, economic and cultural center. It is especially important for us to develop it into a powerful industrial base and a national center for scientific and technological development.


The report constructed a framework for Beijing’s master plan in the initiation stage of urban construction and integrated urban planning into the national development scheme under the First Five-year Plan. 



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