The salvation of Hinnom Valley – merely a disguise?

A Similar Context of Ebenezer Garden City

In the 19th Century of United Kingdom, when the industrial revolution just began, people pursued efficiency and neglected the protection of natural environment. With time being, British cities became dingy and dirty urban districts, while London was closely associated with pollution and smog. The deteriorating living condition forced Ebenezer Howard to propose a new model of urban planning, the greenery-dominated Garden City.


The Salvation of Hinnom Valley

Similarly, since the proposal of 1918 Mclean Plan restricts the development of East Jerusalem, urban renewal cannot be carried out in the region. After a century, the region has become very unorganized and dirty. Evyatar Cohen, the chief of the Nature and Parks Authority, illustrated how the Hinnom Valley actually lives up to the name, (Elnatan 2019) as Hinnom means Hell in Hebrew. Hinnom Valley is therefore covered by the expansion of National Park, as it is in an unbearable living condition. Construction waste is disposed to the region illegally, with unlimited sewage and dead bodies of wild animals such as Gazelle found every day.

Claiming their actions as “turning hell to heaven”, the Nature and Parks Authority cleans up thousands of cubic meters of trash and construction waste. The designation of extension of national park facilitated the rehabilitation of land.

The Rehabilitation of Hinnom Valley transform “Hell” to “Heaven”. (Elnatan 2019)
Merely a Disguise?

Although the government claimed that they have the legitimacy and responsibility of expanding the National Park to the Hinnom Valley, they cannot justify their action in annexing the Northern Tip of the Abu Thor, so as the Cable Car project carried out recently. If the cable car project is eventually built, the effort in conserving the environment in Hinnom Valley will be in vein by the intense cut down of trees.




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