[Bibliography] Beijing Record: A Physical and Political History of Planning Modern Beijing

Beijing Records written by Wang Jun include ten years of research on the urban transformation of Beijing over the last fifty years that delineates the key decisions that led to Beijing’s present urban fragmentation and its loss of memory and history in the form of bulldozing its architectural heritage. Wang gives a detail account on the main development and government  decisions, where he devotes a lot of attention to the 1950s and the 1960s , a time when Beijing experience a series of transformative events. Throughout the books, numerous questions was raised such as: Why have a valuable historical architectural heritage such as a gateways, urban fabric of hutongs and siheyuan been disappearing significantly for decades? Is no one prepared to stand up for the preservation of the city? Wang’s thorough research tackles each question with first-hand interviews with prominent figures such as Ieoh Ming Pei, and exhibits numerous archives, diaries , and photographs that documents the city’s relentless, unprecedented physical makeover.

Wang, Jun. Beijing Record: A Physical And Political History Of Planning Modern Beijing. 1st ed. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co.Pte.Ltd, 2011


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