Historical Document – Distribution Planning of Satellite Towns during Chongqing alternative capital period

Distribution Planning of Satellite Towns

Bibliography: “Distribution Planning of Satellite Towns” LONG Bin, ZHAO Yao 龙彬 赵耀. “A Review on the Formulation and Planning Text of Draft of Ten-Year Planning on the Construction of the Alternate Capital《陪都十年建設計劃草案》的制訂及規劃評述.” 2015, p.5.

The above map from Critical Review on the Formulation and Planning of the drafted plan illustrates the locations and connections of Chongqing’s CBD, satellite cities, satellite towns, and planned or developing satellite cities. The locations are well distanced and they situate near the riverside of Chongqing. It has direct geographical relations with the Factories distribution, Air and road transport station, High-speed tram line, Regional traffic, Chongqing railway lines map, and Road traffic planning, due to the interdependency for transportation access, for internal transport (roads), external transport (railway), and waterway (cableway).


Ruby Red – CBD (Central Business District)

Red – Satellite Cities

Yellow – Satellite Towns

Blue – Planned or Developing Satellite Cities


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