Historical Document – Factories Distribution and Transportation Relations

“Factories distribution”, 赵耀. 《陪都十年建设计划草案》之研究. 2014.

Bibliography: “Factories distribution”, 赵耀. 《陪都十年建设计划草案》之研究. 2014.

The above map from the study of the Draft of Ten-Year Planning on the Construction of the Alternate Capital illustrates the locations and connections of Chongqing’s factories at the time of being China’s Alternate Capital. It has a direct relation to the location and planning of transportation. It has direct geographical relations with Air and road transport station, High-speed tram line, Regional traffic, Chongqing railway lines map, and Road traffic planning, due to the interdependency for transportation access, for internal transport (roads), external transport (railway), and waterway (cableway).


Red – Mechanics Factories
Yellow – Chemical Factories
Blue – Daily Nessacities Factories
Green – Wood Factories
Black – Others Factories
Cross – Arsenal
Plus Sign – Steel Plant
Line – Transportation Line


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