“However, one main difference between the approaches of China and Ebeneezer Howard is that nowadays since transport and movement is much more common and the scale of growth is much bigger, the intents of creating this garden city in Chengdu is less about combining the urban and rural lifestyles of the people and is instead more about creating a ‘Green Megapolis’ as an urban center to drive up the economy of the city and create an attraction to this central area.”

– Bhoovarahan Subhiksha, “Chengdu’s Garden City proposal vs Ebeneezer Howard’s Original Garden City,” 2019


Urban-rural Integration: Zengjianguagou ‘增减挂钩’ Policy to Tackle the Conflict between Arable Land and Construction Land

Zhang Mengting

There are two types of urbanization processes happening in Chengdu now. The central city of Chengdu has increased in scale rapidly for the last decade. The area of construction land in 1999 had already exceeded the area limit of 248 square kilometers regulated in 2020, and the population has doubled as well. The continuous accumulation of ...

Important Information Extracted from Chengdu City Masterplan (2011-2020)

Zhang Mengting

By comparing the last edition of Chengdu City Master Plan published in 1999 and by analyzing the official response for Chengdu City Master Plan (2011-2020) from the State Council, a few conclusions can be drawn.   1. The expansion of Chengdu’s urban influence on the national scale. As mentioned in the planning masterplan (2011-2020), the Designated Function of ...

The next city after Beijing and Shanghai: Are Chengdu citizens ready to lose the city they are familiar with?

Chan Sze Wai

“Chengdu will become the third city in the country to have two international airports besides Beijing and Shanghai, after the completion of Tianfu International Airport in 2020.” said Liu Xingjun, deputy secretary-general of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government . According to Chengdu Ri Bao (成都日报), a newspaper owned by the China Communist Party, Chengdu’s new development ...

The unstopped smog: Another side of the beautiful Garden City image

Chan Sze Wai

Reported by articles and newspapers, green infrastructures are being built and continue to expand both in scale, quality and quantity in Chengdu. Massive projects are initiated, but the major focus is on a new district soon to be established: The Tianfu new district . The Tianfu new district is one compartment of the formation of ...

How is Chengdu portrayed in the media? : Chinese vs Foreign

Bhoovarahan Subhiksha

The Garden City plan of Chengdu was one that could be considered quite ambitious in what it aimed to achieve. When it was first brought up, it seemed like a great way of addressing the need for growing business and tourism in the area. However, while the statements and aims that the government provided were ...

Chengdu’s role in the Belt and Road initiative

Bhoovarahan Subhiksha

President Xi Jinping introduced the “One Belt, One Road” system in 2013 as a way of developing and creating a new silk road which would connect trading between Europe, Asia , the Middle East and Africa together. Although in the past China has been involved in the silk road trade business, creating this new pathway ...

Chengdu’s Garden City proposal vs Ebeneezer Howard’s original garden city: The initial Idea

Bhoovarahan Subhiksha

Chengdu was first proposed to be developed as a Modern Garden City by town planners because of the clear natural advantage that the area had in comparison to other major Chinese cities. Chengdu itself was placed within a rich mountainous region, which meant that there was an abundance of greenery in comparison to more crowded ...

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