“The establishment and management of 2nd frontier gave possibility of 1st frontier to be more open-up and functionally-completed. In this way, Shenzhen SEZ could attract foreign investment and introduce advanced technology and equipments.”

– Mao Xuemeng, “Attitude towards the 2nd Frontier of SEZ in 1980s,” 2020


Shenzhen (1980s) / Transportation Design under the Background of Shenzhen Integration

Mao Xuemeng

  1. Background and Current Problems In 2018, the State Council approved the cancelation of the 2nd frontier,  Shenzhen SEZ management line. The issue of Shenzhen integration inside and outside the 2nd frontier comes along with the cancelation. We are analyzing this issue under the topic of transportation design. As the 2nd frontier was there for over 30 ...

Shenzhen (1980s) / Future for Shenzhen Economic Zone: Comparison with Shanghai Pudong New Area

Mao Xuemeng

  1. Background The successful practice of special economic zone in Shenzhen 1980s set a benchmark for the reform and opening up in China. Government decided to develop Pudong, Shanghai in 1990 and in Oct, 1992, Pudong New Area was officially established. As shown in the previous research, Shenzhen SEZ was built up in the early stage of ...

 Shenzhen (1980s) / Cancellation of the 2nd Frontier

Mao Xuemeng

1. Background: Imbalance inside and outside the 2nd Frontier  The 2nd frontier divides Shenzhen into two areas inside and outside the special zone with imbalanced development. Inside the special zone, Shenzhen is a modern city with high-rise buildings, while outside the special zone, it is a city of messy construction sites and poor villages (Liu, 2010).  The ...

Shenzhen (1980s) / Population Mobility and Illegal Immigration

Mao Xuemeng

1. Population Mobility Trend of the 1st and 2nd Frontier The 1st and 2nd frontiers of SEZ were formally introduced into use since April,1986 after a period of testing since 1980. The management of 1st and 2nd frontier plays a positive role in the economic development and social stability of the special zone, which is reflected ...

Shenzhen (1980s) / Attitude towards the 2nd Frontier of SEZ in 1980s

Mao Xuemeng

1. Background of The 2nd Frontier of Shenzhen Economic Zone Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established in 1980 under the background of reform and opening-up. In order to differentiate with the original boundary between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which is called the 1st frontier, the SEZ management line was built up between SEZ and Mainland China ...

Shenzhen | The City as the Frontier Special Economic Zone in 1980s | (5) The Future of the 2nd Frontier: to a Livable City

Song Ziqi

Shenzhen | The City as the Frontier Special Economic Zone in 1980s | (5) The Future of the 2nd Frontier: to a Livable City On May 31, 2010, the scope of the Shenzhen SEZ extended to the whole city, which means Longgang Baoan was included in SEZ to achieve integration inside and outside the 2nd frontier. However, it has always existed ...

Shenzhen | The City as the Frontier Special Economic Zone in 1980s | (4) Imagination of Modernity

Song Ziqi

Shenzhen | The City as the Frontier Special Economic Zone in 1980s | (4) Imagination of Modernity The 2nd frontier attracts Chinese people to pursue new lifestyles and imports modern imagination and spirit inwards the rest of Shenzhen city and further penetrate other mainland cities. As Constance mentioned,  “The rapid development of south China (Shenzhen), alongside its ...

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